Looking Back on 2015

WOW! What an amazing 2015 season it was at Haa-Nee-Naa Lodge. Thank you to everyone who joined us this summer. You made it a very memorable season for everyone!!

The staff is now transitioning from the “lodge life” back to the real world. This consists of driving vehicles instead of boats, walking on solid ground, and learning how to interact with the general public again. You would be surprised how long it takes to make that difficult transition! I still find myself saying, “ya roger that” when I’m asked to do something, or when I answer my phone …“go ahead”. Perhaps the worst part of being back in civilization is no hot breakfast snack at 9:30am.

Where to start? Looking back at the season here are some of the highlights that come to mind:

-We saw one of the longest stretches of sunny skies ever from May-July and then paid for it in the last couple weeks of July and most of August.


-Early June we saw some of the best Chinook fishing of the whole summer. These fish pulled extremely hard and it was not uncommon to hook 10-15 a day. I remember one morning at Arniston point during the 2nd week of June when the bite was on from 6:30-noon and every 10-20 minutes a HNNL boat was into a Chinook. Good times!

-The record number of halibut over 100cm caught this season. Some new spots, along with an overall increase in time spent targeting the species due to guests having limits of salmon aided in many whoppers being pulled in.


-August fly-fishing! It sure was a 180 degree turn this August from last season for Coho on the cast fly. All the fly guys who came this August got rewarded with exceptional fishing. The large amount of juvenile herring in shallow water and tight to the kelp made for some exciting top water actionNothing beats stripping in poppers and gurglers waiting for that silver ghost to shoot up hammer it!

-Bobblehead doing a cartwheel off the boat while checking the prawn traps. I would be lying if I said she did it on purpose. Classic Bobble!

Christian's 35lb. Spring landed on August 23rd!!

Christian’s 35lb. Spring landed on August 23rd!!

Thinking about these awesome memories have me missing Dundas Island already… It’s going to be a long offseason! I can’t wait to see what the 2016 season has in store. In the mean time fall salmon and steelhead will have to suffice.

Tight lines,