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Haa-Nee-Naa Lodge is an owner-operated, first class fishing destination located on British Columbia’s North West Coast. Owners Clayton Vanier, Robyn Bertrand and Jason Bowers are very passionate about the Lodge and it’s unique location at Dundas Island. Clayton, one of the original founders of the lodge, has been building the business since 1991.  In 2015 Clayton partnered with long-time staff members Robyn and Jason.

“Happy to call Dundas home during the summer, there is really no place we would rather be. We are committed to offering first class service and hospitality and are passionate about providing anglers with the opportunity to experience the incredible fishery that we have on Dundas Island, making memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you there.”

Clayton, Jason & Robyn

Clayton Vanier aka “Longhorn”
One of the pioneers of Sport Fishing on Dundas Island, few have explored the fishery as thoroughly as Clay.  A passionate angler and entrepreneur, Clay has been guiding and operating the Lodge since 1991, gradually growing the business over time.  Clayton’s incredible enthusiasm for fishing is infectious – after a day on the water with Clay you will understand why the Lodge has been successful for all these years.  During the winter months, when not working on the Lodge, his passion for angling takes him to various locations on the North Coast Steelhead fishing and South to the Bahamas in the pursuit of bonefish on the flats.

Jason Bowers aka “198”
A fixture on the water at Haa-Nee-Naa since 2008 seasons, Jason has became an owner in 2015. Jason’s passion for all things fishing is clear in every aspect of his life. In 2003 Jason graduated as a Fisheries Technician, a career which would find him working on may of the rivers and lakes in the West Kootenays. Beginning his guiding career in Northern Ontario, the pursuit of a broad spectrum of Canadian Game Fish took Jason to remote lakes and rivers in Northern Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. Having logged many hours on the NW Coast, Jason is also a well-rounded salt-water guide. Spending every moment he can on the water, when not at the Lodge Jason can be found stalking Steelhead throughout Western Washington, Idaho, and B.C.

Robyn Bertrand aka “Bobblehead”
Robyn has been with the Lodge since 2003, working summers while she completed her BSc. in Food Service and Business Management at the University of Alberta. Robyn’s career has taken her to remote Fishing and Ski Lodges throughout BC, providing a valuable range of experience and perspective. Robyn returned to the Lodge in 2013, became an owner in 2015 and remains a cornerstone of the operation. While she doesn’t spend everyday on the water in the summer, there are few things that make Robyn as happy as playing a spring salmon on Dundas Island.

Paul Williams aka “Two Dogs”
The second most frequently asked question by guests in the winter months is: ‘Will Paul be back in the Kitchen?!’  Originally from Australia, he is now proud to call Canada home. Paul has been working with us since 2008.  Through his career as a Chef, Paul has been able to explore the globe cooking, fishing and skiing in places that many people only dream of visiting. His enthusiasm for working in unique, isolated environments and meeting new people from around the world make Paul an invaluable team member. While at the Lodge, Paul will often be the first boat on the water in the morning in pursuit of a large Chinook salmon, getting in a few hours on the water before starting in the kitchen for the day. Paul is also a passionate surfer and snowboarder, traveling great distances in opposite directions in the pursuit of the perfect wave and fresh powder.

Ashlyn Mehr aka “Smash”
Joining us for her first season at the Lodge as Hostess, Ashlyn grew up not too far away in Smithers BC. If she seems familiar the reason might be that she is the younger sister of last season’s Hostess, Jenna. Ashlyn has just finished her undergraduate degree in History from the University of Calgary and is heading back to school in the fall for a degree in Education. Ask her how she fared in the Spring Squash tournament against Robyn & Jenna!

Brady Ward aka “Muffler Man” Brady Ward, or as we call him “Muff”, is back for another season here at lodge as Dockhand, head Barista and master fish cutter. Brady has been a fixture at the lodge for five or six seasons. Brady is always enthusiastic when delivering morning coffee and having the opportunity to see the morning’s catch. The youngest of 5 kids, Brady is a great team player and always willing to lend a hand. Brady does a great job of taking care of the unguided guests at the Lodge, ensuring that their boats are well equipped and that the anglers leave the dock with confidence.  This winter when he wasn’t travelling in Europe Brado was playing hockey for the Selkirk College Saints. Can’t wait to have him back up here.

Grady Hall Grady will be joining us on the dock at Haa-Nee-Naa this season as well. You heard right – Brady & Grady on the dock. We can’t plan this stuff. Some of you may have encountered Grady in his profession as helicopter pilot flying for the last ten years in remote reaches of the NWT, Yukon and Northern BC. We are lucky to have Grady sharing his passion for fishing and many skills on the dock with us this summer.

Shane Kennedy Meet Shane, the youngest, and most mature member of our team. Shane joined the Haa-Nee-Naa team in 2018 and we were looking forward to having him here all summer this year, but he was quite insistent that he should finish grade 11 first. It would be hard to find a more conscientious, hardworking kid anywhere – and much like the rest of our team at the lodge, he’s crazy about fishing.

Braedyn Deagle aka ‘RBS’
Braedyn joined the guide team in 2017. RBS grew up fishing the waters around Dundas with his dad making him no stranger to the fishing grounds. His enthusiasm and passion for salmon fishing is contagious. When he’s not on the water Braedyn is a world traveler and avid hunter. This winter after hunting in some of the most harsh and remote areas BC has to offer for a variety of big game, Braedyn and Cheeks explored Costa Rica, with Braedyn continuing on to Australia. Braedyn’s happy to be home on Dundas for the summer.

Hayden Harsch aka “Halibut Cheeks” Born in Fort Saint John BC, Cheeks grew up fly-fishing local lakes, and rivers around Northern BC. Cheeks moved to Campbell River on Vancouver Island in 2015 and has been pursuing Salmon on the salt ever since. Joining the Haa-Nee-Naa guide team in 2017, Cheeks is happy to spend every waking minute on the water. This fall Cheeks and RBS took third place in Campbell River’s annual chum derby! The rest of the time, Cheeks was ….. also fishing.

Noel Richard aka “Noelsy” Another BC boy, Noelsy grew up in Terrace, BC fly-fishing the vast number of local rivers for salmon and steelhead. Before joining us in 2018 Noel was chasing big chinook in the headwaters of Rivers Inlet for several years. It would be tough to find a more positive and friendly guy than Noel, making him a pleasure to spend a day on the water with. Noel is also an avid photographer with a knack for fishing and nature shots that he would be happy to share at the end of a trip.

Franz Weinland aka “Blackfoot” Back for his second season at the lodge, Franz will be on the water guiding full time in 2019. Franz is from Germany originally, but has fallen in love with the West Coast and spends as much time as he can chasing winter steelhead between classes at the University of Northern British Columbia campus in Prince Rupert. Franz’s patience, good nature and attention to detail put you in good hands on the water – not to mention he’s crazy about fishing.

Mat Ferraro aka “Faty” New to our guide team in 2019, but no stranger to salmon fishing in BC, is Mat Ferraro. Some of you may have encountered Mat guiding at Hippa the last three seasons, or perhaps in his winter capacity as a tail guide skiing at Baldface Lodge. A common theme with all of our team … Mat is serious about fishing, whether it is fly fishing the rivers and streams around Nelson, BC or chasing big chinook salmon in Rivers Inlet and up the coast of BC, Mat gives it his all. We look forward to having him on the team this summer.

Lina Gerke & Halle Atchison The team behind the scenes, Lina & Halle! These are the ladies you will see racing off the plane and into the Lodge every Monday and Friday, they are our saving graces from town who come in for switch overs and work furiously for a few hours to get the lodge reset in time for the next crew. We couldn’t do it without them! They’re pretty good at bringing donuts too when we need them the most!

Tanis Douglas Tanis will once again be the smiling face that greets you at the airport in Prince Rupert this summer. Back for her fourth season running the shuttle service at the airport, Tanis is looking forward to seeing all of you again and getting caught up as she races you down to the float plane dock to start your adventure