Let the Good Times Roll…

It has been an amazing first half of June here at the Lodge. Not only has the weather been great, but we also have been fortunate enough to experience some of the most consistent Chinook salmon fishing in recent years. The fish average 17-20 lbs and are very aggressive and pulling hard!DSC_0141Over the past week fishing has continued to get better and we are starting to see more and more large fish invade the surrounding waters. Last week the ladies dominated the fish board – with Dianne and Lynne tying for big fish of the trip with a couple of tyees weighing in at 31 lbs.  June 20th saw the first 40+ fish on the dock with first-time guest, Gunn’s, Chinook tipping the scales at 47 lbs.

Coho have also started to show up in large numbers. The Coho are averaging 5-8 lbs in size with the occasional bigger one.  A couple of these beauties were even caught trolling a buck-tail just below the surface on Friday!

Halibut fishing has been outstanding – Lodge records were broken today  with 4 fish over 50 lbs and a total of 12 halibut over 100cm!DSCN0043

The abundance of Chinook salmon is also keeping the Orca’s well fed. It seems like every second day a pod of killer whales makes it’s way through the North end of Dundas, stopping at most of the fishing spots. They are magnificent creatures and have been putting on some great shows for us on the water.

DSCN0030The fishing is a very exciting right now at the lodge and us guides can’t wait for sunrise and the 6:30am high slack that awaits us tomorrow morning.

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  1. Larry & Dianne Barnes

    We are B.C. coastal people who love our coast. The first time we came to Haa-Nee-Nah was August 2000 and we had an amazing trip. After several years, each trip has continued to be amazing. We finally figured it out. We may have had amazing experiences living and working along the coast all our lives, but it always seems to us that we pack in so many experiences that we love in ONE SHORT WEEK – the plane rides to start, the lodge, the meals, the boats, the weather, the wildlife, the fishing – and the special people who come here and the extra-special people that make it possible for us to visit the wild north coast and enjoy its treasures. Thank you Haa-Nee-Nah.


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