The 2014 Fly Fishing Report

The Coho started to show up in large numbers in mid July and the fishing was incredible.  The end of July saw one of the largest Coho on record at the lodge with Jay Leeuwenburg boating an 18lb beauty.

As July turned into August and out came the fly rods in eager anticipation of another epic fly-fishing season, the Coho seemed to disappear. There was the odd day in August that showed signs of improvement, but just as we got our hopes up, things would dwindle again. Back out came the gear rods.  With the help of a herring or “Silver Fly”, Coho were found in large numbers off shore, with the Zayas, Herring Rocks, and some of our deep-water spots around the Gnarlies producing well and consistently.  We can only attribute the lack of inshore Coho (fly rod Coho) to the apparent absence of juvenile herring.  It is the juvenile herring that draw those hungry Coho up to the surface, in close to the shore and kelp beds where they become accessible to the cast fly.

After all of the guests had gone home for the season and we were preparing for our tow South, out came the juvenile herring, and with them, the coho, confirming our theory.  In the final hours as we waited for the tug boat to arrive, Clay hooked three coho while drifting in the bay behind the lodge.  There were hundreds of coho schooled up and cornering bait.  Creating quite a distraction as we busily prepared for our journey home.

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