Fresh is Best

freshies2Fresh is Best

We are committed to offering the best salmon fishing experience available.  With this commitment in mind, we provide the tools, knowledge and access necessary to acquire the finest bait available anywhere in the world.

Many years of experience on the water has taught us one thing: bait matters.  We believe that the quality of herring used when mooching for chinook salmon is essential.  We are positioned with easy access to prime summer herring feeding grounds, allowing us access to the finest bait:  Fresh Caught Herring, or as we call them, Freshies.

Our guests and guides invade the herring grounds every morning during Chinook season and load up our bait coolers with these abundant fish.  Jigging freshies is a fun and  fulfilling experience – priming you for the day’s angling adventures.

Jigging for freshies takes place in the early hours of the morning when the herring are usually very close to the surface feeding on krill and other copepods.  Herring jigs – a string of 6 small hooks imitating krill – on medium/heavy fishing rods are used to harvest these bright, shiny, purple herring. Freshies make a difference: fishing fresh bait versus frozen has convinced us time and time again that Freshies bring more fish to hand than frozen, brined herring.

The Lodge has an ample supply of high quality, frozen bait for those days that we can’t keep up on fresh herring – or if you have a sleep in and miss the morning jig!