What to Pack

What to Pack

Weather at the Lodge can be unpredictable, and it can also change significantly within the same day. It is best to come prepared with warm layers that you can add and take off, depending on the conditions.

For your comfort and convenience, we supply rubber boots, rubber rain gear, including bibbed pants and jackets, as well as personal flotation devices.

To enjoy a comfortable trip, we recommend packing the following:

  • thick socks
  • warm layers top/bottom
  • light jacket or soft shell
  • toque (wool cap) & gloves
  • sun hat
  • polarized sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellant

It is important to pack light so you have plenty of room to travel home with your box of fish! We strongly suggest packing a small carry-on duffel bag and limiting your luggage to 25 pounds. Please avoid hard-sided suitcases. This will make your transitions at the airport in an out of the Lodge much smoother and will ensure you are able to travel home with your fish.

We also recommend that you bring some cash or a personal cheque to the Lodge to pay for your fishing licenses, guiding, and any alcohol you may purchase during your stay. Please remember there is a 5% Goods and Service Tax applied to all purchases in British Columbia.