Bring on July!

This past week has been a roller coaster for weather. The 23rd-25th featured 25-30 knot winds coming from the south, which in turn brought periods of heavy rainfall. We have had very little precipitation so far in the month of June and the creek, which we draw our fresh water from for the lodge from, was a mere trickle. So in this case the rain turned out to be not so bad!

DSCN0076The last 4 days on Dundas have felt like fishing in Mexico! The 5-15 knot variable winds and blazing heat made for some scorching hot days on the water.  I can’t remember the last time I was in just a shirt at 7:15 am on the water! Yesterday it was so hot on the back dock the guests went for a swim off the front dock before dinner to cool off.

Now to the fishing…DSCN0109

The weekday trip anglers toughed it out in some snotty weather and got rewarded with great salmon fishing. Hats-off to first time guest, Biyue, who reeled in the 36lb derby winner – his personal best! Chinook fishing tapered off slightly towards the end of the trip, however guests went home with heavy fish boxes and big smiles.

ThDSC02968e weekend trip started out with a decent evening bite and 8 Chinooks ranging from 12-20lbs hit the dock. Group leader, Jeff, had a beauty on in the 30s which did some crazy acrobatics and managed to free itself. Turned out to be another “big one that got away story”…. The average Chinook fishing we are experiencing at the moment can be attributed to the clear water and the tropical weather we’ve been having. The herring have been tough to find in these conditions as well, but the weather is changing and things are turning around. For the first time this year we had to break out the “TV Dinners”!

More and more Coho continue to enter our waters they are a blast to catch in-between Chinook bites. The average size continues to increase as they are heavily feeding on the juvenile herring which have arrived early this year. 6-9lbers are frequently being caught with the occasional chunky one over 10lbs. The fish are hard fighting and aggressive.

Just heard the float plane flying overhead, got to go! Looking forward to a great week of fishing with the Matcon boys!

Let the Good Times Roll…

It has been an amazing first half of June here at the Lodge. Not only has the weather been great, but we also have been fortunate enough to experience some of the most consistent Chinook salmon fishing in recent years. The fish average 17-20 lbs and are very aggressive and pulling hard!DSC_0141Over the past week fishing has continued to get better and we are starting to see more and more large fish invade the surrounding waters. Last week the ladies dominated the fish board – with Dianne and Lynne tying for big fish of the trip with a couple of tyees weighing in at 31 lbs.  June 20th saw the first 40+ fish on the dock with first-time guest, Gunn’s, Chinook tipping the scales at 47 lbs.

Coho have also started to show up in large numbers. The Coho are averaging 5-8 lbs in size with the occasional bigger one.  A couple of these beauties were even caught trolling a buck-tail just below the surface on Friday!

Halibut fishing has been outstanding – Lodge records were broken today  with 4 fish over 50 lbs and a total of 12 halibut over 100cm!DSCN0043

The abundance of Chinook salmon is also keeping the Orca’s well fed. It seems like every second day a pod of killer whales makes it’s way through the North end of Dundas, stopping at most of the fishing spots. They are magnificent creatures and have been putting on some great shows for us on the water.

DSCN0030The fishing is a very exciting right now at the lodge and us guides can’t wait for sunrise and the 6:30am high slack that awaits us tomorrow morning.

Tight lines,


Nugget’s Fishing Report, June 1 – 8

The good weather streak was broken this past Sunday!  25-35 knot southeast winds pounded Dundas, and so did the rain!  Fortunately the foul weather was short lived and we are now back to enjoying sunny skies and calm seas.

The Fishing has remained very consistent throughout May and into the start of June.  Last week saw many occasions where the “bite was on” and rods were bent over in multiple boats at the same time.  Some Lodge boats were even fortunate enough to have a double header of Chinook salmon.  High fives and smiles were shared by all!  Fishing stayed much the same for the following 4-day group, who nearly all left with their limit of Chinook Salmon.  The majority of fish seem to be in the 15-23lb range with the occasional Tyee mixed in.

AIMG_3698.JPGnita Irwin has the largest fish so far – weighing in at 34lbs. Anita has reeled in 4 Chinook at the lodge and all of them have been over 30lbs!  Not too shabby.

Herring have been plentiful each morning.  Reeling up six packs consistently and loading up fast, we have not had to spend much time on the jigging grounds.

We are looking forward to the next group of guests and some more chrome slabs hitting the dock.

Tight lines!