The Unbeatable Staff of 2021

It is hard not get sentimental when I think of our 2021 team at the lodge. We have always encouraged the staff to embrace life on Dundas, and no team has ever done a better job of it.  These guys and gals were out on the water almost every night after work enjoying everything the island has to offer: mooching, fly fishing, crabbing, beach combing, paddle boarding, free diving, spear fishing, hiking up the mountain, and working out in the jail yard gym – they did it all on top of working countless hours to keep the lodge running like a top.

Our returning guide team was as solid as ever and seemed never to fatigue. You could not find a group of guides more passionate about fishing, the area, and the fishery than Braedyn, Hayden, and Noel. They live it and breathe it and we have been so fortunate to be able to work and fish alongside these fine young men over the last 4-5 years. 

New to the dock last year, we had Cody and Trysten – an unlikely duo, but together they made an all-star team.  They were conscientious, thoughtful, hardworking, and best of all, they were a pleasure to be around – even when they were being cheeky.   

Ashlyn and Morgan once again held down the fort inside the lodge this summer. These gals were able to roll with the punches in the early season with changing schedules, surprise guests, no guests, uncertain grocery days – you name it, it happened. They did this with kindness and grace and kept all of us together through difficult times.   

We can’t forget the other half of our team – the folks working on the town side to make sure that you make it to the lodge as smoothly as possible.  Whether it was driving to Terrace on a moment’s notice, chasing down lost bags after hours, or doing a last-minute beer run to make sure we didn’t run out of Budweiser.  Tanis, Michelle and Brady were on it. And of course, Halle and Makenna, our changeover angels who appear out of nowhere every Monday and Friday and disappear again after a whirlwind clean of the lodge.  They add hours to the day and make everything possible for us on changeover. 

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