Staff 2020

Wow.  What can we say?!

We are, once again, immensely grateful to our staff who stuck it out with us through thick and thin in 2020. Sharing countless moments of uncertainty, we worked together to forge a path forward – we couldn’t have done it without these great people.

New to our team in 2020 on the dock were Jeremy and Jacob.  These young men brought vastly different experiences and strengths to the lodge and we welcomed both of them.  Jacob is an aspiring Chef in the SAIT culinary program and when he wasn’t processing your catch or scrubbing boats he could be found in the kitchen lending a welcome hand.  Jeremy has his sights set on becoming a hunting guide and his mature, meticulous and deliberate manner was much appreciated on the dock this season. Those of you who had the pleasure to meet these fine young men know what I’m talking about.

We were very fortunate to welcome back our all-star guide team this season, featuring: Braedyn, Hayden, Noel and Mat.  You would be hard-pressed to find guides as passionate as these guys anywhere on the coast. Rain or shine, these young men are keen to get out on the water and they truly want nothing more than to get our guests into schools of fish.

We’ve always hoped to create an atmosphere within the lodge that is both welcoming and casual, like you’ve come home for a visit, and no one has been better able to set that tone than Ashlyn.  Ash was back for her second season this year and with unmatched grace she kept the lodge running smoothly and made sure everyone was well taken-care of.

Thank you also to our team on Digby Island – Tanis and Sydney.  These ladies have airport transfers down to a science and can handle anything we throw at them – weather, logistics, missing bags, cancelled flights – you name it!  We could not do it without them and we have all benefited from Robyn’s lowered stress level having them take charge on Digby.  Thanks ladies!

Introducing Chef Morgan Bouquot

If the heart of any house is the kitchen – the same can be said of the lodge. For those of you that missed the pleasure of being at her table this season, we would like to introduce you to Chef Morgan Bouquot.

Morgan grew up in Whitehorse and is as at home adventuring in the mountains, in the snow, or on the water as she is when she’s in the kitchen.  Wherever she goes she brings a warmth and energy that infects those around her. In recent years Morgan has been dazzling steelhead anglers by fall and heli-skiers by winter with her wares – we were fortunate to have her on our team in 2020. If you haven’t experienced Morgan’s desserts – you haven’t really lived. Or better yet?  Her salads. Swoon. You can taste the love and the care that goes into every bite of Morgan’s creations.

Morgan’s passion for nature had her on the water more nights than not experiencing the wonders of Dundas Island from her paddleboard. By the end of the season we’re sure that the humpback whales accepted her as part of the territory.

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